Japan Sushi Reception 2008 in Davos (Jan 30 – Feb 7)


top124_s.jpgOn Thursday, January 24, 2008 ago, On the

occasion of the World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting 2008 held in Davos,

Switzerland (23-27 January), the University

of Tokyo, Keio University and two companies hosted the Japan Sushi

Reception 2008 at the Central Sport- und Wellness Hotel on 24 January.

During the opening ceremony, President Komiyama and Keio University

President Anzai gave brief welcome speeches.

After that the presidents of the two companies made short presentations

on the common theme of “Japan as a Solution Leader for the Environment.”

Approximately 270 people attended the ceremony, including government

officials, presidents of companies and universities.

(from The University of Tokyo)



Indian Classical Dance in Bali

indian-dance.jpgA one-day workshop of indian dance is carried out in Denpasar with theme “Indian Classical Dance” (Bharatanatyam)
took place at the Natya Mandala Building, Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI), Denpasar on Tuesday, February 29, 2008. ISI Denpasar is a college which give arts learning for student and only one in Bali. It was presented by five Indian Dancer under direction of Guru KJ Sarasa from Chennai, India. The clinking sound of bracelets, stamping of feet and limber movement of their dancing bodies, accompanied by the distinctive sound of drumbeats generated quite a different and exciting atmosphere in the building. Participants, all student of ISI Denpasar from the fourth semester were all excellent students. Other partcipants who were mostly professional Balinese dancers seriously followed the moves from the back row. On the following day, the company chaired by Sri Ganesan Staged the same dance.